Buying Tips

  1. Find out what you CAN afford

    It is important that you choose a local mortgage broker to find out precisely what you can afford. It is key to have a local mortgage broker that has all steps of the process managed in one office. Check our vendor page for a few options. And it is important to have a full service broker for the same reason. We are your point of contact throughout the entire process.
  2. Decide what you WANT to afford

    After you have a pre-approval you can determine what you want to spend within the parameters set by your lender. You can now consider your total budget and determine what size mortgage payment YOU are comfortable with.
  3. Search for a home

    With the advent of so many online real estate search engines, many buyers will find THE ONE before we do. We will help you search for homes that meet your criteria. We will look at properties to the left and right of your window, and everything in-between. We do not want you to miss a thing. The full analysis of any potential property can help you to see certain aspects that could make the difference, and ensure you will not over pay. Taxes, zoning, HOA fees, and many other components can tip the scales. Every buyer, every person, every family has unique preferences. We want to take the time to understand your singurlar goals and help you find your place in the market.
  4. Make an offer

    This is where the rubber hits the road. It is our job to help you structure an offer that gives you the best chance to obtain your new home on the best possible terms. Since we have diligently executed all steps up to the offer, the path will be clear.
  5. Mutual agreement

    When you and the seller have both signed the contract it will be our job to help you keep everything on schedule. Your earnest money represents your commitment and our job is to assist you through the steps that complete the contract. Key steps include but are not limited to: A: Title B: Survey B: Inspection C: Appraisal D: Loan process E: Escrow F: Keys!

The Beuschers Real Estate Buyers Process

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Getting settled (The Closing)

The closing can either happen at an office or virtually-on line. In Washington State closings can be done remotely and they usually do. All the paperwork is signed Settlement obligations vary widely due to specific contract language. Prior to closing the closing agent (escrow or title company or attorney) will complete a detailed settlement statement for both buyer and seller.


  • Credit toward buyer closing costs and purchase price for any earnest money deposited

Earnest money is a “good faith” deposit submitted with your offer to show the sellers that you are serious about your purchase offer. Earnest money is a required part of an offer. There is no set amount that is required and up to %5 of the offering price can be kept buy the seller should the buyer breach contract. Earnest money can be an important part of the negotiation process. Earnest money eventually becomes part of the purchase and will show as a credit to the buyer.


  • One half of escrow or legal fees paid to an attorney or escrow for preparing the close
  • Document preparation fees if applicable
  • Recording and notary fees if applicable
  • Title search and title insurance (paid by either the buyer or seller)
  • Local transfer taxes (paid by either the buyer or the seller)
  • Loan fees
  • Appraisal fees
  • Credit report fees
  • Home Owners Association fees, if applicable (paid by either buyer or seller)