Have things changed? Last entry I mentioned that political uncertainty is putting a drag on the real estate market.  That’s a real thing.  And it seems to get more real as the days tick off.  A couple of other things are holding things up too.  A recent report in Reuters talks about the increasing consumer debt load which is partially due to loosening lending standards.  Market place had a piece today on the contradictions in the job market.  The Jobs Opening and Labor Turn over report (JOLT) citing a large number of openings as well as a very low confidence in small business.   

Have things changed?  The answer is yes.  The answer to that question is always, yes.  So how do we get to the big picture so we can see the playing field?  When you figure that out, please let me know.

As for political uncertainty, it looks as though the government will not shut down.  Increasing consumer debt is perhaps a national issue but here in Seattle it is countered with higher paying jobs and a much higher average credit score. 

The low confidence in small business is disturbing to me the most.  You may remember in my piece from 10/23/2018 that I said “mixed income communities are good for everyone’s pocket.”  That applies to homes and businesses.  In the market place report, it talks about small businesses being unable to fill available positions.  I will make a guess that the small business that thrives on Amazon and Boeing employees can’t pay enough for their employees to live in the amazon neighborhood. 

But that is another topic.  What you want to know is, have things changed?  A little, but I will still say that now is the time.  There may be a drag or two on the market, but it is still full of gas and is winning the tug of war.  Read We’ve Been Hacked

And another thing.  Go to Marketplace and listen to How Often Do You Check Your Home’s Value from February 11th.  It’s like the third story in and talks about the dangers of AVMs.

So There

A note on last Wednesday’s So There.  Read it

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