It’s not what you think

How would you like to buy almost 2400 square feet of space in a downtown condo for $400 Per square foot? The first words out of your mouth would probably be “what’s wrong with it?” But if I told you there was a 1200 square foot condo downtown for 1.1m ($916 per sq. ft.) the first words out of your mouth would be “See?! That’s how the market is! It sucks!” But what you really should say is “what’s wrong with it?” I think we all know what the difference between a house and a home is. Home is where your heart is, and a house is what you buy. And there is no such thing as a perfect house.

If you want to buy something in Seattle to live in you should not be deterred by all the talk of why and how everything is impossible ‘unless you’re a millionaire’. “There’s no inventory!”, “I’ve lost out on 10 homes cause I was outbid by a guy with 800 cash!”, “GENTRIFICATION!” Sure, it can be a difficult process and it can be frustrating but that is true regardless of what kind of market you are shopping in. It is important to have a good process when looking to buy and an un-bias eye to help you see what’s hidden.

There really is a 2400 sq. ft. condo in downtown Seattle for under a million in a central location that to me and a certain kind of person is spectacular. It makes me think of an artist’s pad in SoHo (NYC) and if it was in NYC would fetch 2m+. I also know what’s wrong with it. All things you’ll wish in ten years you’ll wish you had ignored. There is no time like the present.payperprofits кидалововнжсоздать сайт googleпродвижение новойпроблема киберсквоттинга дипломморские круизы из украиныкакой фирмы лучше купить ноутбуктелеграм заблокированный номер телефона

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